Renowned sculptor and painter Satish Gupta's new exhibition

Feb 17, 2013, 11:09 IST | Moeena Halim

Renowned sculptor and painter Satish Gupta does away with the dualities of the two art forms in his latest exhibition Transcending Eternity

Satish Gupta, who has previously taken inspiration from nearly every religion of the world for his sculptures and paintings, has based his latest collection on Hindu Vedic iconography. “The collection represents the energy of Vishnu, Shiva and Brahman, but I don’t see these gods as being limited to Hinduism — the energy could easily be transformed into Christ or Buddha,” adds Gupta, who began working on the collection six years ago in his studio in Delhi.

Satish Gupta’s latest collection is based on Vedic iconography

The highlight of the exhibition springs from Gupta’s decision to do away with the idea of sculpture and painting as two different media. “People always ask me whether I’m a painter or a sculptor. The truth is I choose the medium according to my disposition at the moment. Ultimately it is about what I want to say — it’s the creative act that counts,” he believes.

Gupta was elated when the idea of ‘sculpturepaintings’, which allows him to merge the second and third dimension (the flat of paintings and round of sculpting), struck him two years ago. In each of his ‘sculpturepaintings’, explains Gupta, “the sculpture is the micro image overlaid on the macro — the painting. The two merge into each other, creating an integration of the macro and micro.” Extremely excited about the collection, Gupta is positive he will continue to explore this medium. “I have merely hit the tip of the iceberg with this collection,” he says.

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