Reports may have been interchanged: Rahul's father

Jul 23, 2012, 08:23 IST | Bipin Dani

Rahul Sharma's father, Pradeep suspects a goof-up by the Mumbai Police in his son's dope test reports. Sharma Sr believes the report claiming his son tested positive, may in fact not belong to his son, but to someone else

“We strongly suspect that my son’s report may have been interchanged with someone. It may be unintentional, but anything can happen in this country,” said Pradeep, an assistant sub-inspector from Jalandhar.

Rahul Sharma

“We wonder why it took two months to make the report public. The forensic department, where the samples were sent, could have given the report in 2-3 days. So, why have the Mumbai Police announced the results of the tests on the celebrities in the second phase? Instead, it should have been announced in the first list,” he said.

Sharma is not ready to believe that his leg-spinner son is at fault. “Rahul is not a party boy. He had no knowledge of the rave party. He was given to understand by his team manager that they would be attending a birthday party of some friend and so he went there. The family was nervous initially when the report was first announced, but now we are confidant Rahul is not involved in this scandal. I have spoken to Rahul three-four times. I even spoke to the team manager (Sanjay Patel) in Sri Lanka and we have been assured that Rahul is being backed by the team members,” Sharma Sr said.

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