Rescuers guide duo from rattlesnake in a mine at US National Park

Jun 28, 2015, 06:40 IST | Agencies

National Park Service rangers instructed the cousins to hug a wall in order to move past the snake

Las Vegas: A National Park Service official says rescuers guided two cousins around a rattlesnake and out of a mineshaft near Lake Mead after they feared they would be bitten.

Representational picture

Park Service spokeswoman Christie Vanover says the cousins, aged 19 and 12, emerged unhurt on Friday noon after they were instructed to hug the opposite wall to move past the coiled snake in the Ore
Car Mine.

The two reported at about 10.30 am that the snake blocked their exit from the mine off Northshore Road.

Rangers from Lake Mead National Recreation Area and federal Bureau of Land Management officers were called to the scene, along with Las Vegas police and Henderson firefighters.

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