Residents of Campa Cola go on hunger strike

May 02, 2013, 06:35 IST | Maithili Vaze

Distraught residents say they will do anything to prevent the demolition of their homes; SC to hear their petition today

When residents of Campa Cola visited the Chief Minister yesterday, they were refused help due to the Supreme Court order. Having knocked on all doors, they now feel that only a miracle can save their homes from demolition. As a result, six residents have planned to go on a hunger strike, saying they feel like refugees in a war-like situation. Residents also say the BMC must wait till all their legal options are exhausted.

Residents of Campa Cola compound protest outside the BMC office against the SC order to demolish their homes. Pic/Suresh KK

Usha Samdariya, a resident of Patel Apartment going on a hunger strike, said, “Rather than dying tomorrow, it is better to die by going on a hunger strike, as we have no idea what will happen on Thursday. We seem to be living in an undemocratic world where there is no justice.” Another resident Sunanda Mehta said, “We would rather die in our homes, than die on these footpaths. Why are we being meted out such injustice.”

The Supreme Court has decided to hear the residents’ petition today. Advocates representing them have sent letters to the BMC and the concerned assistant engineer in charge of building proposal, Parel, drawing their attention to the latest developments. The advocates have also requested authorities not to resort to any coercive action against the residents as the petition is to be heard at 2 pm today. Some residents told MiD DAY that if the BMC comes to demolish their homes, they will stand firm and not leave their flats.

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