Residents miffed with BMC over 60-yr-old park's remodelling

Jun 01, 2013, 08:48 IST | A Correspondent

Accuse officials from K-ward's garden department of not disclosing the new redevelopment plan for Ishvarlal Park

Residents of Vile Parle are upset with the authorities of K-west ward (Zone 4) for not showing them the renewed plan for redeveloping the Ishwarlal Park on Church Road. And while the residents had been fighting for the park’s redevelopment since last November, it was not until this January that the authorities passed the new plan.

Kantilal Ishwarlal donated the plot, on which the park exists 60 years ago with an intention of providing space where senior citizens and children could go and enjoy. Hina Shroff, a local, said, “We are trying to maintain the park and have been repeatedly asking the BMC to repair the garden. The work is going to start in June, but the main issue is that officials of the deputy garden department aren’t ready to show us the final copy of the entire plan.”

A group of elderly women enjoy the evening at Ishvarlal Park

Locals alleged that officials just showed them a rough copy of the new plan that they had drawn on a piece of paper with a colour pencil. Shroff said, “We do not want the money issued by the civic body to be misused or mismanaged by anyone in the system. The entire amount must be spent for redevelopment purposes only. The main reason for we wanting to know the budget and the new plan is because we want to make changes to the plan and ensure it gets sufficient water.”

Residents said last time their plan to dig a borewell to meet the park’s water requirement failed after the test run revealed high content of salt in the ground water. Another resident Sachin Nanawati said, “This is a recreational park were senior citizens and children visit to have fun. So we want to redevelop it in such a way that we don’t have to bother the BMC soon after the park is redeveloped.” Despite repeated attempts, Deputy Garden Superintendent (K-west ward) Dattarey Pie was not available for comment.

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