Residents of buildings demolished a year ago yet to get new homes

Feb 09, 2014, 09:20 IST | Varun Singh

Residents of two housing societies in Kandivli and Malad have been living in rented apartments for a year after the defence ministry refused to give NOCs to the builders following the demolition of houses for redevelopment. A meeting convened yesterday by MP Sanjay Nirupam brought aggrieved residents face to face with minister of state for defence, Jitendra Singh

Kamlesh Nayak is still the secretary of Ashok Anand building, Kandivli East — a building that was demolished two years ago. He now visits the remains of the building which has been reduced to rubble.

Shiv Sena and BJP protestors shout slogans at the meeting convened by Sanjay Nirupam. Pic/Amit Jadhav

In May 2012, the residents allowed the builder to demolish the four-storeyed building for redevelopment. However, since then the builder has been unable to get a No Objection Certificate from the Central Ordinance Depot.

For the past year, Nayak along with 20 members of his society are staying on rent in nearby areas. The builder pays their rent, but residents are not sure how much longer he will continue to pay up.

A few kilometers away, Bankim Parikh’s home Ajit Nagar in Malad was constructed up to the plinth level before being stopped for the same reason: the Defence ministry refused to give an NOC.

On Saturday, local Member of Parliament Sanjay Nirupam convened a meeting of residents, inviting Union minister of state for Defence Jitendra Singh to Kandivli. Singh attended the meeting and promised to do his bit. “On Monday, I will hold a meeting of concerned officers and will seek proper definition of the rules,” he said.

He further added, “I would like to see more dialogue between defence forces and the public. Today’s situation has arisen because of misunderstandings and I will work to clear them.”

Ruckus at meeting
Meanwhile, the meeting, held at Kandivli’s Ashok Nagar municipal school ground was disrupted by Shiv Sena and BJP members present at the meeting. The protesters shouted slogans and even waved black flags at the minister. Later, Nirupam said, “Some people must have thought I had convened an election meeting instead of helping local people. People who protested are acting against the public.”

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