Restaurant review: A veggie cafe in Lower Parel

Nov 04, 2015, 08:20 IST | Dhara Vora

Sky View Cafe, a new restaurant in Lower Parel is strictly for the vegetarian foodie

Sky View Cafe 
Food: Good
Service: Quick
Ambiance: Uninspiring

The eateries in and around Lower Parel thrive on the unique experiences they offer, be it through speak-easy format, craft beer or turning Indian cuisine over its head. At first glance, Sky View Café, stationed above PDT in Kamala Mills, offered none of this — the ambiance is disappointing and there is no sky view yet (they plan to open another restaurant on the terrace later, we were told). They also have a sheesha lounge (where no food is served to meet the rules). Thankfully, the food was the saving grace. The cuisine is international, with a few Indian influences.

Indo-Mexican Masala PavIndo-Mexican Masala Pav

One such dish is the Indo-Mexican Masala Pav (Rs 250). The Pav bhaji-style spicy bhaji, as the filling, with salsa and cheese sauce poured on top, the dish won us over with its tartness coupled with a hint of sweetness of the salsa, adding a new dimension to the Mumbai fast food favourite. We skipped the salads and ordered a Crostini With Ricotta And Feta Cheese (Rs 325). If you love cheese and are tired of regular bruschetta, this divine mix of two cheeses served with olive is light on stomach and high on taste. Since they don’t serve alcohol, we ordered the Bull Frog (Rs 350) mocktail, a mix of the energy drink, blue curacao and lemon juice.

Crostini With Ricotta And Feta Cheese
Crostini With Ricotta And Feta Cheese

This seemed heavy on the pocket and we wished we could slyly add some vodka to it. For our mains, we picked Gnocchi with Pesto (Rs 475) and a Tabasco Pizza (Rs 425). The pesto had the rich, fresh flavour of basil and pine nuts that made up for the pasta, which was a tad too doughy, nonetheless tasty. The salad on the side was cosmetic, with no dressing. The Tabasco Pizza was basic, in terms of the base and flavour of the sauce.

Sky View CafeInteriors of the restaurant

The service is quick but there was an issue with card payments: money was deducted from our account but the eatery didn’t recieve a notification, which meant we had to foot the bill in cash.

We are still trying to get the bank to reimburse us. Sky View Café is the less cool sibling of fancy properties that line the locality, but the food may win patrons over.

Time: 12 noon to 3.30 pm and 6 pm to midnight
At:Third floor, Kamala Mill Compound, Lower Parel.

Call: 24929200

Sky View Café didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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