Restaurant Review: Why this Khar eatery makes for a great hangout spot

May 04, 2016, 08:30 IST | Krutika Behrawala

Khar's newest eatery Tuning Fork has value-for-money eats, board games and live gigs too

Tuning Fork
Food: Tasty
Service: Efficient
Ambience: Cosy

Blaring music accentuated by a cheering crowd reached our ears as we made our way into the surprisingly buzzing stretch near the low-key Khar railway station on a weeknight. Here, Light House Cafe, 3 Wise Monkeys and Quarter Pillar (the pub playing the music) are propped up next to each other. Joining the list is the new opening, Tuning Fork, owned by the folks who run The UniContinental Hotel, where it is housed.

The indoor section, Tuning fork
The indoor section

A recording studio setup in the restaurant, Tuning fork
A recording studio setup in the restaurant

Vinyl records, Pop art and a stack of board games greeted us as we walked into the compact-yet-tastefully-done-up space, which packs in karaoke, stand-up comedy and play performances every evening. With an aim to promote budding talent, the restaurant also features a fully-equipped studio where artistes (music bands, stand-up comics and their ilk) can record their material, which could be a great addition to their CV and can also be played at the venue. Seeking respite from the heat, we gave the al fresco section a miss, and plonked ourselves on comfy sofas indoors.

Goa Chorizo Puffs. Pics/Sameer Markande
Goa Chorizo Puffs. Pics/Sameer Markande

Not just a puff piece
While the alcohol is limited to beer and sangria (they currently have offers on them), the eats menu features a variety of all-day breakfast options, puffs, tandoori rolls, tapas-style small plates, mains and desserts. We began with Goa Chorizo Puff (Rs 199). A burst of smoked flavour greeted us as we bit into the baked, flaky pockets filled with minced pork sausages. With a mint mayo on the side, the puff was one of the best we’ve had in a while. Due to a technical glitch in the karaoke setup, we couldn’t enjoy the crooning experience. However, we would have preferred a game of Taboo anyway. A fun session ensued over Red Wine Sangria (Rs 200) and Vegetable Croquettes (Rs 165). Though deep fried, the non-greasy and crunchy croquettes were stuffed with a delightful veggie mash, making for a great appetiser.

An egg affair
From the all-day breakfast options, we tried Portuguese Baked Eggs (Rs 255). Quite a looker, the dish featured three eggs baked on a bed of onion-tomato gravy and came with seasoned parsley-buttered toast. While gravy and the eggs blended well, the dish lacked a cheesy bite of cheddar as promised on the menu. The crispy toast couldn’t salvage it either.

Vegetable Croquettes
Vegetable Croquettes

Meanwhile, the Chicken Stroganoff With Parsley Rice (Rs 305), a version of the popular Russian dish, was a hit. With portions sufficient for two, the stroganoff featured bagfuls of flavour with shredded chicken gravy. The well-cooked parsley rice complemented the dish.

Instead of opting for a dessert, we picked Buttermilk Pancakes (Rs 215) drizzled with chocolate sauce. Though the pancakes were well-done, we would have preferred more of the sauce. Nevertheless, we are returning for an encore, especially for a fun, summery evening of board games over puffs and beer.

Tuning Fork map

Time: 9 am to 1.30 am 
At: First floor, The UniContinental Hotel, 3rd Road, Khar (W). 

Tuning Fork didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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