Retd army man pulls out gun, takes MSEDCL driver for ride on bike

Apr 05, 2012, 07:01 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

Enters electricity board office drunk, abuses officials for cutting power supply to his residence, abducts driver and even overpowers cops trying to detain him

A tense atmosphere prevailed at the office of Bijlinagar Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd (MSEDCL) yesterday afternoon, when a well-built ex-army man in an inebriated condition threatened employees with a loaded gun and abducted a driver and took him home.

Power struggle: (From left) MSEDCL staffers Sitaram Mahato and Satish Solankar, who were threatened with a gun by a drunk Vivas Jat, and driver Vishal Mamunkar, who was abducted. Pic/Navnathkaple

The drama continued at the abductor’s home and two policemen and MSEDCL employees, who went to get the situation under control, were also overpowered by the man.

Vivas Joharsingh Jat (45), a resident of Gajanan complex in Chinchwad, entered the office stating that the power supply to his house had been cut and began abusing MSEDCL officials and staff. He demanded that power supply be resumed immediately and as an extra measure, brandished a gun and abducted MSEDCL driver Vishal Mamunkar, forced him to ride pillion on his motorcycle and took him home.

Two beat marshals and MSEDCL employees immediately followed Jat to his home, but once there they were soon overpowered and beat a hasty retreat. The however locked him inside the house and called for backup.

A complaint in this regard has been filed by MSEDCL employee Satish Solankar, who was also at the end of the army man’s barrel for a brief moment.
Solankar said, “The suspect came to the office at 3.15 pm in an inebriated condition and started abusing our employees and suddenly pulled out a gun.

He aimed the weapon at our linesman Sitaram Mahato’s stomach and threatened to fire. He then ignored Mahato and grabbed contract driver, Vishal Mamunkar, who was standing nearby and put the loaded the gun to his head and took him out of the office.”

Solankar further said that as soon as Jat took Mamunkar along with him on his bike, the police were alerted and a chase ensued. Mamunkar said, “He first aimed the gun at my chin and then my head. He took me out of the office and made me sit on his bike and drove towards his home in Gajanan Complex.”

The driver added that Jat made him wait downstairs and went to his flat on the fourth floor. Two policemen along with MSEDCL employees also reached the spot.

The police said that when the two policemen went upstairs to seize Jat’s weapon and take him into custody he allegedly said that the revolver belonged to a friend and that he had already returned it. Upon pressurizing him, Jat took out the revolver from under his bed, and used it to overpower them. “He was later arrested and sent for medical examination to YCM hospital,” said a police officer with Chinchwad police station.  

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