REVEALED: Manchester City players are best paid in global sport

Apr 16, 2014, 19:21 IST | Agencies

Manchester City have the most expensive squad in sport and pay their players better wages than the New York Yankees, the LA Dodgers, Real Madrid and Barcelona

Manchester (United Kingdom): Manchester City's players are the highest paid athletes in the world of sport, according to new survey. The Manchester side has topped a ranking of global sports pay, with an average first-team player earning more than £5.3m per year, or £102,653 per week.

American baseball teams -- the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers -- are ranked at second and third place respectively. Real Madrid and Barcelona make up the top five.

Five Premier League clubs make the top 20; Manchester City (1st), Manchester United (8th), Chelsea (10th), Arsenal (11th) and Liverpool (20th).

Top pay masters in sports

EPL leaders lag behind in wages

Liverpool pay their players handsomely – on average €4.1 million per man per year – but those figures are some way short of the annual salaries paid by Arsenal (€4.72 million), Chelsea (€4.83 million), Manchester United (€5.21 million) and Manchester City (€6.4 million).

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