Revenge saga? Left out of will, woman robs sister's jewellery

Jun 11, 2016, 09:01 IST | Samiullah Khan

The 26-year-old’s father had ousted her from the will after she got married against his wishes; the accused decide to have her revenge by looting her sister

Enraged over being ousted from father’s will, a 26-year-old woman stole gold jewellery worth R5 lakh from her elder sister’s house in Virar and mortgaged it for Rs 2.5 lakh last month. She was arrested on Wednesday after she confessed to the crime.

Malvi was arrested after she confessed to the crime. Pic/Hanif Patel
Malvi was arrested after she confessed to the crime. Pic/Hanif Patel

Since the accused, identified as Malvi Mahesh Dashankar, got married against her family’s wishes, her father had excluded her from the will and transferred all his property to his elder sister.

Malvi, a Nalasopara resident, was invited to a family get together at her father’s place in Vile Parle last month where her elder sister Anjali Ajit Ghadi was also present.

After spending sometime at the party, she left saying she had an interview for a job opportunity and she was already working with a chartered accountancy firm. As she had already stolen the keys of Anjali’s house at the party, Malvi went to Virar and stole all the jewellery.

When Anjali reached her place, she was shocked to see her belongings scattered and her jewellery missing. She filed an FIR and when the police began questioning everyone from the party, Malvi couldn’t corroborate her story with facts and confessed to her crime.

Police says
Virar police officers said Malvi had been looking for an opportunity to take revenge from her elder sister for a long time and the party gave her the chance she wanted. “Malvi said she was angry that her father had transferred all his property in her elder sister’s name and gave her nothing. We have booked her under Sections 454 (trespass), 457 (house-breaking), and 380 (Theft) of IPC and remanded her in police custody,” said a police official from Virar police station. “She mortgaged the stolen jewellery for Rs 2.5 lakh,” he added.

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