Review: Get a daily dose of TV buzz on your smartphone

Dec 09, 2013, 07:44 IST | The Guide Team

iCouch, is a new app that helps connect TV fans with their favourite TV stars

Clearly, the app is meant for those, who want more than what the TV can offer -- space to chat up with like-minded TV fans or connect with stars from those shows.

The idea behind the app is great, but the execution is very poor, especially since it doesn’t offer any customisation -- be it in terms of the shows you would want to follow or not, setting a reminder of your favourite shows, and / or arranging the shows as per popularity, and genres. They appear on the screen like a powerpoint slide, which are again, very poorly cropped. The creator politely disclaims that this is not a partnered show, which is hard to believe, as it appears on every show featured in theapp.

Well, as if the Indian television shows weren’t boring enough, now you have a social app that aims to heighten that experience. Avoid it until you are a couch potato who is obsessed with Kapil Sharma and likes. Mind you, not everyone gets bored by his adult jokes.

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