Rihanna's beach time spoilt by fans

Jul 09, 2013, 02:48 IST | IANS

Singer Rihanna wanted to spend some relaxed time on the beach, but thanks to a flurry of her fans who recognised her, she failed in her efforts.

Rihanna visited Sopot Sunday with a friend, and they had even put up umbrellas around themselves to reportedly block out onlookers, but all in vain, reports dailystar.co.uk.

Rihanna. Pic/Santa Banta

She posted a video of their view on Instagram.com. In the video, she explained: "This is what a beach day in Poland looks like. Getting as much sun as possible. Caged in like a f**king animal!"

"Tried to have a beach day, that was a fail,” she added.

Rihanna seemed to be in a complete holiday mood. Dressed in a blue bikini, she was seen chilling with a glass of what looks like a refreshing drink, and sunglasses. 

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