Rihanna shows off new tattoo in topless photo

Sep 10, 2012, 20:59 IST | A Correspondent

R&B singer honours late grandmother with tattoo of Egyptian goddess on her ribcage just below her breasts.

Sexy R&B singer Rihanna has added a new tattoo to add to her already extensive collection of body art. The Barbadian, who has over 15 tattoos, got inked once again over the weekend in London to pay tribute to her late grandmother Clara "Dolly" Braithwaite.

Rihanna tattoo
The instagram image showing Rihanna's latest tattoo in honour of her late grandmother

The tattoo is just below her breasts and is of the Egyptian Goddess Isis kneeling with her wings spread. While the ‘Umbrella’ singer is topless, she maintains her modesty by holding her arm across her bare chest.

While she got tattooed on Saturday, she revealed the body art on Sunday after it had healed. Rihanna tweeted, “Goddess Isis- Complete Woman - Model for future generations- #GRANGRANDOLLY - always in and on my heart,” as she shared the risqué picture with her followers on her Instagram account. 

The 24-year-old singer's maternal grandmother Clara 'Dolly' Brathwaite died of cancer on July 1, had a special place in the singer’s heart.

Some of Rihanna's other tattoos. File Pic/AFP 

The new tattoo joins a flying Egyptian falcon in the shape of a handgun just above Rihann’s right ankle, a pistol on her thigh, a cross on her collarbone, music note on her ankle, Pisces sign behind her right ear and the word 'love' on her left middle finger.

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