Paris burns over video of cop 'raping black youth with baton'

Feb 07, 2017, 20:02 IST | mid-day online correspondent

Video of black youth 'being sexually assaulted by police with baton' sparks riots in Paris. The 22-year-old, identified as Theo, was allegedly attacked in a north-east suburb of Paris

Police brutality caught on camera
Police brutality caught on camera

Paris is burning. Violence has erupted in the French capital following the emergence of a video that shows police officers sexual assaulting a black youth worker.

Riot police has made 24 arrests till date following a third night of violence in the Parisian suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis.

There was huge outrage after the video showing the sexual assault a 22-year-old black man allegedly suffered at the hands of four police officers during a routine ID check went viral.

Theo being escorted to the police car after being arrested
Theo being escorted to the police car after being arrested

Cars were burnt and shop windows shattered and forced the police to conduct combing operations through Seine-Saint-Denis suburb.

The victim, identified only as 'Theo', was beaten and then a police officer allegedly sodomised him with a baton on Thursday.

Signs reading 'Justice pour Theo' (Justice for Theo) and anti-police brutality graffiti can be seen everywhere.

Earlier, demonstrators marched from the victim's home to the police station in Aulnay-sous-Bois, the area of the assault.

Theo was treated for injuries at a hospital. Theo claimed that the cops  ordered young people to stand against a wall, an order he complied with. However, this was followed by an unprovoked assault accompanied by racial slurs.

Theo being pushed into the police car
Theo being pushed into the police car

Theo claimed he was repeatedly humiliated following the attack, and made to sit in a police car and then the police station despite acute pain, before an officer at the station realised the severity of his injury.

The disturbing incident was filmed from a distance, and the video was aired by Le Parisien TV, together with an eyewitness account.

The four officers are facing assault charges, with one also reportedly charged with rape. 


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