Road Safety Week: As crackdown begins on traffic violators, transport minister's car in accident

Jan 07, 2016, 10:36 IST | Shashank Rao and Sadaguru Pandit

Diwakar Raote’s car was hit by a tourist car whose driver lost control; the minister sustained minor injuries

Maharashtra Transport minister Diwakar Raote announced tough steps against traffic violators and the campaign for the same started on January 6; ironically, the same day his vehicle met with an accident at Lower Parel. He suffered minor injuries along with his bodyguard and driver, and was taken to JJ Hospital.

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A policeman inspects Raote’s car
A policeman inspects Raote’s car

The incident occurred around 12 noon, when the driver of a tourist car — a Swift Desire — applied emergency brakes as he lost control of it, due to which it jumped a divider and rammed the minister’s car (MH 06 P 9999) near the Kamala Mills bridge.

The Swift Desire that rammed into the car after its driver lost control. Pics/Pradeep Dhivar
The Swift Desire that rammed into the car after its driver lost control. Pics/Pradeep Dhivar

The minister sustained injuries to his leg and shoulder. In all four people sustained minor injuries, including Raote’s driver, bodyguard, and the driver of the Swift Desire. Raote’s bodyguard, who suffered a minor head injury and was bleeding, was rushed to JJ Hospital immediately by another vehicle of the convoy. The police escorted Raote to the hospital. The driver of the Swift Desire was treated and then arrested by the NM Joshi Police.

Transport minister Diwakar Raote was taken to JJ Hospital
Transport minister Diwakar Raote was taken to JJ Hospital

Doctors said that Raote came to the hospital at around 2pm and was rushed to the Out Patient Ward. Since the OPD timings were almost over, there were few patients who had to wait till the doctors treated Raote.
Tatyarao Lahane, dean of the hospital, and other senior doctors oversaw the treatment.

“Raote sustained only sprains and neither of the people involved in the incident suffered any major injuries. They were discharged soon after being treated,” said Lahane.

Catching offenders
The incident occurred when the state Transport Department and Mumbai Traffic Police were catching motorists and two wheeler riders who were breaching traffic rules.

“We received data from half the city. The remaining data is yet to be compiled,” said a Transport Department official.

Raote had stated that action against people involved in traffic offences will be stringent and for 3 months their driving licences will be suspended. On January 10, the Road Safety Week will be kicked off across India — although for the first time the official function will happen on January 12 as Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is not available on January 10.

Traffic violations on January 6

>> Illegal transport of passengers: 3

>> Refusal of fare: 1 case

>> Black tinted glass: 1 case

>> Mobile used while driving: 9 cases

>> Not wearing seat belts: 4 cases

>> Helmet less: 352

>> Over speeding: 0

>> Signal jumping: 140 cases

>> Licences suspended: 190

>> Rash driving: 0

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