Robber hugs two casino employees before fleeing with the booty

Oct 12, 2014, 09:23 IST | Agencies

A robber hugs two casino employees before fleeing with the booty. Even returns ID and gives $7 to victims, who didn’t have money to renew licence

Guam: A masked gunman in Guam apologised to two employees of a small casino and hugged and kissed them before fleeing with more than $5,000.

The man, wearing a camouflage baseball cap on top of a black ski-mask, entered the Lucky Land gambling room on Wednesday night with a silver handgun, sending between six to eight customers scrambling for the exits.

In the surveillance video, the gunman approaches the office window where employee Genevie Santos, 23, was working and her boyfriend, Jhan Olivarez, 24, an off-duty employee, was hanging out.

The masked man demanded money, Santos said. Video footage shows him stuffing cash into a black bag before demanding access to the office. “He said if we don’t open the door, he’s going to shoot. So we had no choice,” she said.

Inside, he continued to grab cash and then took Olivarez’s wallet, which contained about $200 and his ID. Santos said she couldn’t stop crying, which prompted the bandit to envelope the couple in a hug. Then he kissed Olivarez on the neck and Santos on the forehead.

Santos said he apologised, saying, “I’m sorry you had to be the ones working.”

When she told the robber they didn’t have money to renew Olivarez’s licence, he returned the ID and gave Olivarez $7.

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