Robert Downey Jr confident of Oscar win

Apr 18, 2013, 01:24 IST | ANI

Robert Downey Jr says it is inevitable he will win an Oscar.

The Iron Man 3 star believes it is just a matter of time before he collects an Academy Award because he knows he is one the "best actors" of his generation.

Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr

Rob confidently said he knows it''s going to happen and that it’s just a fact.  The 48-year-old explained that’s the reason why he doesn''t mind showing up and watching everybody else get them.

He said that even if he doesn’t get one directly, eventually they''re just going to have to give me one when he gets old.  “So no matter how you slice it, I''m getting one ... I should probably have more, but zero''s fine,” he added.

Kim, 32, has come under fire for everything from her pregnancy weight gain to her fashion choices in recent months, but according to Khloe, Kim is feeling more confident about her changing body now.

Khloe explained that there’s an awkward time [when] you''re not really showing and you don''t feel like your old self.  She added that now that her bump is alive and in full effect, she''s having fun showing it off. 

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