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Aug 13, 2013, 09:18 IST | Dhara Vora

They are the faces of the latest ramp fashions, and unlike the perceived size zero, these models pack a mean punch with their curves and biceps. As another edition of Fashion Week readies to witness the bold and the beautiful scorch the ramp, five participating models reveal their secrets about juggling diet and exercise regimes with hectic schedules to Dhara Vora

What is your favourite form of exercise? Do you ease your exercise routine after the fashion season?
>Candice Pinto: Working out is a part of my lifestyle and it’s important for the profession that I am in. Depending on my routine, I like to mix my workout with weights, functional training and, at times, just cardio as the travel tires me and it’s good to rest before a good workout.

Candice Pinto

>Rouhallah Quazim (Gazi): Usually, I hit the gym every day. On days when I know I am going to be busy, I do a 20-minute workout at home. We are two weeks away from the Fashion Week and I have increased the intensity of my workout and am following a
strict diet.

>Siddharth Rawal: I don’t believe in crash workouts. Fitness and a good body is a feel-good factor for me and not just a part of preparations for Fashion Week. I do my three sets of push-ups every day. Even if I skip my complete workout, I still make it a point to do the push-ups. I don’t believe in going overboard with my workouts because we are models, not body builders!

>Dipti Gujral: My favourite form of exercise is functional training, yoga, body weight training and cardio. Workout is a part of my lifestyle. I like to work out five times a week, and I enjoy it. I feel good when I get done with a high-intensive training session in the gym. I try to squeeze in my workout schedule on hectic days or even when I am feeling lazy.

>Amit Ranjan: I am fond of free-hand workouts like inclined, declined and flat push-ups; chin-ups and warm-ups with light weights. These are the basic essentials that I never skip. I try to work out five days a week (an hour of weight training and 30 minutes of cardio) just before Fashion Weeks, for a chiseled appearance. I do rest for a day or two after each Fashion Week.

What is your favourite drink or snack?
>Candice Pinto: I love my coffee before my workout and I eat everything in moderation. The drawback in this profession is you can’t have a well-balanced diet so I do eat when I’m hungry but don’t go overboard. However, I am a pure non-

>Rouhallah Quazim: I snack on nuts, fruits or energy bars between shows and have black coffee, to charge me up.


>Siddharth Rawal: Coffee is my addiction! It keeps me going through the day. As for food, I cannot diet. I eat whatever I think is tasty — no control there!

>Dipti Gujral: I ensure I have a mini meal every two hours as it helps me not to overeat and keeps my energy levels and metabolism high during the Week. I keep snacking on dry fruits, fresh fruits and drink lots of water apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner.

>Amit Ranjan: In-between meals are mainly made up of any form of egg white, apples, bananas and protein shakes to keep me going through the ticking schedule of the Fashion Week.

How do you catch up on sleep during the Week?
>Candice Pinto: Usually, I sleep for seven hours; however, at times, it’s lesser. But now, I’m used to the routine. The gym relaxes me!

>Rouhallah Quazim: I try to get at least five to six hours of sleep during a hectic week. Or else, eight hours on a lazy day.

>Siddharth Rawal: I try and get at least nine hours of sleep every day, which I feel is essential for my body type to function perfectly the next day.

Siddharth Rawal

>Dipti Gujral: I don’t get to sleep a lot at a stretch. But whenever I do manage, I make sure to take a power nap, even if it is for ten minutes.

>Amit Ranjan: I make it a point get a minimum of six to seven hours of sleep.

How do you de-stress?
>Candice Pinto: I love driving, listening to music, going out for movies and spending time with my family.

>Rouhallah Quazim (Gazi): I enjoy listening to music, catching up on TV shows I have missed out or simply catch up on some sleep.

>Siddharth Rawal: By doing nothing at all, relaxing with my close pals and I try and go on a short holiday whenever I can.

>Dipti Gujral: I relax when I am with my friends. Also, I unwind by watching movies or reading.

Dipti Gujral

>Amit Ranjan: Watching movies, listening to good music and reading books are my stress busters.

Do you follow any special diet plan right before Fashion Week?
>Candice Pinto: I don’t follow any diet in particular. I eat home-cooked food.

>Rouhallah Quazim: I tried a couple of fad diets but it did not seem practical to follow them for a long time. I eat three healthy home-cooked meals and reduce the portion a week or two before fashion weeks.

>Siddharth Rawal: No dieting for me. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is good enough. Also, a little bit of junk, at times, is fine as long as you burn it out. Eat well, work out hard — this is my mantra.

>Dipti Gujral: I don’t believe in diets. They have never worked for me. I have always believed in eating home-cooked food, in small portions, at regular hours. I try to maintain this as much as I can inspite of my hectic schedule. But, what works for me might not work for others.

Amit Ranjan

>Amit Ranjan: Getting and maintaining a healthy body always begins with a lifestyle change and is a long-term commitment. I don’t indulge in outside food, alcohol, smoke or even party that much. Fashion Week sees me being even more particular.

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