Romance by the lake

Oct 08, 2011, 06:35 IST | Waleed Hussain

Fondly known as the Venice of the East, Udaipur offers a magical break to rekindle your romance

Fondly known as the Venice of the East, Udaipur offers a magical break to rekindle your romance

Udaipur, termed as the Venice of the East, is famous for its beautiful lakes, its royal splendour and timeless romance.

Sunset cruise: The Leela Palace Udaipur unfolds memorable experiences,
which begin with a delightful boat transfer to the resort through the
shimmering waters of Lake Pichola

Away from the hustle bustle of the country's mega cities, nestled between the quaint Aravali range lies the majestic Leela Palace Udaipur. The palace, located on the banks of the serene Lake Pichola, is a regal property adorned with modern amenities that lets you bring back the warmth and romance in your life.

In fact, the palace extends its warmth almost to your doorstep. A concierge dressed in a traditional sherwani and pagdi is the first sight you would see after landing at Udaipur airport. With folded hands and a smile on his face, the concierge takes care of everything for you while you sit back and enjoy the ride to the Leela Palace.

The journey to the palace by itself is the beginning of the romantic experience. The main entrance of the palace is accessible by road, but a better way to take in the grandeur of the palace is to take the houseboat.

The 15-min ride in the richly adorned houseboat is an ideal way to take in the regal sights and majestic palaces by the lake.

The welcome at the entrance involves a rose petal shower, a traditional tilak ceremony and an array of traditional Rajasthani folk songs played by a live band.

If there was any jet lag left in you, a masseur offers a relaxing foot massage in your room on arrival. And all that is just a part of the warm welcome experience that shall stay with you during your stay and for days after.

Honeymoon trip
For those on their honeymoon, it offers a mix of luxury, privacy and romance all blended in one. There are several places earmarked for couples to sit back, relax and enjoy the majestic views on offer.

At sunset, all the palaces and properties located on the lake are lit up with diyas and lights. The golden glow of the setting sun, the lights of the palace and a cruise in a houseboat are sure to leave a lasting impression. To add to that is a swimming pool that faces the lake and a guava garden that offers an opportunity for a romantic stroll.

"The Leela Palace is a modern-day palace that has been designed to offer its guests memorable moments that they take back with them. The property offers the perfect setting to host a wedding, and our endeavour is to make it the most memorable day for the bride and groom," said Graham Grant, general manager, The Leela Palace.

The Leela Palace has 72 rooms and 8 suites, and each room offers an uninterrupted view of the lake and the City Palace. The rooms are adorned with traditional artifacts and furnishings that display the handicrafts of Rajasthan. The suites on the other hand are designed with the natural detailing of a traditional palace.

If you have been guilty of ignoring your loved one recently, then here is the perfect chance to make it up.

Spa in a tent
The Leela Palace offers a luxurious spa facility called the ESPA. The entire facility is designed as traditional Rajasthani tents and offers a combination of treatments that reflect a fusion of eastern and western therapies.
The Royal Princess and the Royal Knights of Rajasthan are therapies recommended for couples to help them relax in the privacy of a tent and a mini pool. Couples can choose treatments from two hours to half-a-day.
It has 14 therapy rooms and 9 tented spa therapy suites with private pools attached.

Just for two
The Leela Palace offers a two-night package specially designed for a romantic escapade that includes a romantic candle-light dinner by the lake, an exotic petal bath set-up in the privacy of the room, champagne and dinner under a canopy of stars, special spa treatment for two in a private tent at ESPA, and a sunset cruise in a houseboat.

The writer's stay at the hotel was by courtesy of the Leela Palace Udaipur

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