Rookies feel heat

Mar 23, 2013, 02:45 IST | Abhishek Takle

With the step up to F1 already posing a greater physical challenge than they might have faced in the junior categories of racing, MiD DAY asked the season's five rookies if they had altered their training programmes to help them better handle the heat of Malaysia.

“For races like this, with the heat, there’s not really certain training you can do... you can do heat chamber work but the main thing is making sure your body is always hydrated and that’s key. If you’re not hydrated then you will suffer pretty quickly,” Marussia’s Max Chilton said.

Caterham rookie Giedo van der Garde added that drivers usually tend to tweak their diets to include more salts and drink more fluids in the run-up to the race even if it means a few too many bathroom breaks. “We drink up to five or six litres, so you pee quite a lot. I quite like the heat so let’s see how I feel after the race,” he said. 

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