Roommates thrash peeping tom to death

May 01, 2012, 06:54 IST | Akela

28-year-old Ramsingh Verma, a resident of Kalwa in Thane who was in the habit of watching his neighbour take baths every day, was beaten so badly by his roommates that he succumbed to his injuries; all three arrested

A 28-year-old Peeping Tom’s voyeuristic tendencies proved to be a costly habit. So much so that he had to pay with his life. Ram Singh Verma, a resident of Bhashkarnagar, Kalwa in Thane, was in the habit of peeping through a little hole in the wall to watch his object of fantasy take her daily bath.

1. Ramsingh Verma had found a crack in the wall that gave him a view of a neighbour’s bathroom. He chanced upon his neighbour taking a bath and was soon addicted to watching her bathe every  day. 

2. The woman next door discovered that Verma had been a regular Peeping Tom and was watching her. She reprimanded him many times but Verma refused to mend his ways. 

3. On April 28, the lady caught Verma once again, and this time she decided to seek the help of his roommates. She went to his house and spoke to his three roomies, requesting them to dissuade Verma from ogling at her. 

4. The three roommates confronted Verma when he returned home. He refused to listen to them and a fight ensued. The roommates thrashed him and he fell unconscious. They took him to the hospital where he succumbed to internal injuries. Illustration/ Amit Bandre

The lady in question (name withheld) soon discovered that Verma had been watching her. She approached Verma and admonished the man for the outrageous act, and even tried to give him a moral lesson to dissuade the him from his ways. However, this did not deter Verma, and he continued to derive voyeuristic gratification as discreetly as possible.

On April 28, the woman caught Verma in the act once again. She then approached his roommates, and requested them to try and persuade him against outraging her modesty. The roommates confronted Verma, and got into an argument. When the latter did not budge, they allegedly thrashed Verma and he fell unconscious. The group then rushed him to Shivaji Hospital and informed the staff that Verma had slipped and fallen off a staircase.

Verma succumbed to his injuries and breathed his last at the hospital. The Kalwa police subsequently arrested the roommates, Mohammed Shaikh (22), Manoj Sharma (28) and Amit Kumar (28). “We have arrested three accused in the case. The accused thrashed him and he got internal injuries. The court has remanded them to police custody for four days,” said Arun Sonde, senior inspector, Kalwa police station. 

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