Row over stitching charges delays debut of AI's new uniform

Mar 30, 2015, 06:45 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

The tug-of-war between the national carrier’s management and its crew members over the stitching cost of the new uniform continues; airline’s crew remains adamant they will not pay from their own pockets to get attire stitched

Demands from crew members for reimbursement of their uniform’s stitching costs has forced Air India to push the launch date of their new mustard yellow ensemble by one more week. The national carrier has now asked its crew members to get the uniform in place by the first week of April.

Air India uniform
The launch of the new mustard yellow uniform was slated for March 28. However, crew members have made it clear they will not pay the stitching cost

In an email sent by the general manager, the airline’s crew has been asked to complete the stitching of their uniforms, extending the date of the launch of their new uniform to early April. However, in the email there was no mention of the reimbursement of stitching charges for the dress material handed over to them.

midday report
mid-day’s March 18 report on the issue

‘Won’t do it’
“One of the senior airline officials gave us the reference of a tailor. However, we are expected to pay for the stitching. The airline is oblivious to the fact that if they don’t pay for the stitching, it will only delay the launch of their uniform,” said an airline crew member.

Another senior member added, “We are not going to get the uniforms stitched from our own pockets, even if they keep giving us more time.”

mid-day had earlier reported that the launch date of the new uniform was set for March 28. However, crew members have made it clear to the management that they will not obey the deadline if the airline does not reimburse them for getting the attire made by a tailor.

The crew has also raised the issue that the new mustard uniform is not an exclusive colour of the national carrier. “Air India has to come up with a solution, otherwise the situation will remain the same,” said a crew member.

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