Rs 5,478 crore of Mumbaikars' taxes went down the drain

Jul 05, 2014, 08:12 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav and Shashank Rao

Owing to red tape, delays and gross misplanning, the cost of city infrastructure projects went through the roof

Railway projects: MUTP-1
Projects: Manufacturing of EMU, Borivali-Virar quadrupling, 5-6 lines on Kurla-Thane, Virar car shed, 1,500-volt DC to 25,000-volt AC, Resettlement and Rehabilitation of people
Rs 4,175 cr Final cost
Rs 3,125 cr Original cost
Rs 1,050 cr Escalation

Date of sanction Date of sanction 2003

Deadline Deadline 2008-09

Date of completion Date of completion 2012

Graphic/Amit Bandre and Text: Ranjeet Jadhav, Shashank Rao

Projects: 5-6 lines CST-Kurla, 6th line Mumbai Central-Borivali, 5-6 lines Thane-Diva, Extension of Andheri-Goregaon Harbour line, 1500-volt DC to 25000-volt AC, EMU procurement, Station improvement and trespass control
Rs 7,007 cr Final cost
Rs 5,300 cr Original cost
Rs 1,707 cr Escalation

Date of sanction Date of sanction 2008

Deadline Deadline 2014 end

Date of completion Revised deadline 2016

Charkop-Bandra-Mankhurd metro line-2 (32 km)
Deadlines missed 2013
Work is yet to start Rs 7,660 cr Original cost
Rs 500 cr Estimated escalation in cost

Date of sanction Date of sanction Only soil testing done (Bhoomipujan done in 2008)

Deadline Deadline 2013

Date of completion Deadlines missed 2013

Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar metro line 1 (11.04 km)
Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar metro line 1

Deadlines missed: July 2010, September 2010, July 2011, March 2012, November 2012, May 2013, September 2013 (Phase 1 – Versova to Airport road metro station), December 2013 (Phase 2 – Airport Road Station to Ghatkopar Metro), March 2014
Rs 4,000 cr Final cost
Rs 2,356 cr Original cost
Rs 1,644 cr Escalation

Date of sanction Date of sanction February 2008

Deadline Deadline July 2010

Date of completion Date of completion June 2014

Sahar Elevated Road (2 km)
Sahar Elevated Road

Deadlines missed: September 2013 and December 2013
Rs 400 cr Final cost
Rs 287.37 cr Original cost
Rs 112.63 cr Escalation

Date of sanction Date of sanction December 2009

Deadline Deadline December 2012

Date of completion Date of completion January 2014

Milan Road Over Bridge
Milan Road Over Bridge

Deadlines missed: June 2010, March 2011, October 2011, May 2012, October 2012, March 2012.
Rs 84 cr Revised cost
Rs 42 cr Escalation

Date of sanction Date of sanction January 2008

Deadline Deadline June 2010

Date of completionDate of completion May 2014

Wadala-Chembur monorail phase-1
Wadala-Chembur monorail phase-1
Deadlines missed: December 2010, May 2011, November 2011, May 2012, December 2012, and September 2013.
Rs 1,100 cr Final cost
Rs 1,050 cr Original cost
Rs 50 cr Escalation

Date of sanction Date of sanction 2009

Deadline Deadline December 2010

Date of completion Date of completion February 2014

Eastern Freeway (16.4 km)
Eastern Freeway
Deadlines missed: January 2011, December 2011 and December 2012.
Rs 572 cr Final cost
Rs 531 cr Original cost
Rs 41 cr Escalation

Date of sanction Date of sanction January 2008

Deadline Deadline December 2012

Date of completion Date of completion May 2013 (The 13.59 km from Shivaji chowk to South Mumbai was opened in May 2013. The remaining stretch of Panjarpol, Ghatkopar Link Road (2.8 km) was opened on June 16, 2014).

Santacruz-Chembur Link Road (6.45 km)
Santacruz-Chembur Link Road (6.45 km)

Deadlines missed: November 2004, September 2006, December 2008, December 2009, June 2010, June 2011, December 2011, December 2012, March 2013, October 2013, December 2013 and March 2014.
Rs 428 cr Final cost
Rs 114.8 cr Original cost
Rs 313 cr Escalation

Date of sanction Date of sanction 2002  but work started only in 2007

Deadline original Deadline November 2004

Date of completion actual Date of completion April 2014

Info: MMRDA, railways

Wait, watch and escalate

Santacruz Chembur Link Road
Project cost: Rs 114.8 cr
Escalation: Rs 313 cr

Barfiwala flyover
Project cost: Rs 24 cr
Escalation: Rs 18.5 cr

Wadala Chembur monorail phase-1
Project cost: Rs1,050 cr
Escalation: Rs 50 cr

Eastern Freeway
Project cost: Rs 531 cr
Escalation: Rs 41 cr

Milan Road Over Bridge
Project cost: Rs 42 cr
Escalation: Rs 42 cr

Sahar Elevated Road
Project cost: Rs 287.37 cr
Escalation: Rs 112.63 cr

Railway projects MUTP-1
Project cost: Rs 3,125 cr
Escalation: Rs 1,050 cr

Railway projects MUTP-2
Project cost: Rs 5,300 cr
Escalation: Rs 1,707 cr

Versova Andheri Ghatkopar metro
Project cost: Rs 2,356 cr
Escalation: Rs 1,644 cr

Charkop Bandra Mankhurd metro
Project cost: Rs 7,660 cr
Escalation: Rs 500 cr

Total amount
Original cost of projects: Rs 20,490.17 cr
Escalation: Rs 5,478.13 cr

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