Rs 6 lakh and counting for Prachi's look...

Mar 04, 2013, 08:55 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

A startling amount has been spent on finding the right hairstyle for Prachi Desai for the third instalment of '1920'

So much for playing a princess! Buzz is that the makers of Prachi Desai’s next, where she plays a royal, have spent more than Rs 6 lakh on creating different hairstyles to suit the actress’ look. However, nothing has worked out yet and the hunt for the perfect look is still on.

Prachi Desai

A source says, “The entire set-up of the third installment of the horror series has a vintage feel to it. Vikram and his entire crew have been doing a lot of research for the characters and the look of the project. But the right wig for Prachi’s princess has remained elusive. As of now, Rs 6 lakh has already been spent on hunting for the hairstyle alone.”

The actress, who incidentally plays a hairstylist in her recent release, says, “The film has several looks from the classic period. I will get to experiment with different things. We are still in the process of choosing the perfect look and do not want to repeat anything from the previous two films of this series. Therefore the crew is styling it very meticulously.”

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