Rs 70 lakh looted from bank in Jaisalmer

Oct 02, 2012, 12:41 IST | Agencies

Rs 70 lakh was stolen from the strongroom of a State Bank of India branch in Jaisalmer.

Unidentified robbers decamped with Rs 70 lakh in cash from the strongroom of the State Bank of India branch here through an underground tunnel dug by them.

The around 15-feet-long tunnel, having its opening in the bank's strongroom, was uncovered Monday by bank employees.

"The robbers dug the tunnel from behind the bank and entered into the strongroom. From there they took away Rs 70 lakh on Sunday night," Additional Superintendent of Police Ganpat Lal said today.

Investigations suggest involvement of some labourers who were engaged in construction work near the bank for some time.

The police, however, did not rule out possibility of involvement of any bank employee in the case but the probe is revolving around some labourers as of now. 

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