RTE: 200 schools yet to apply for re-recognition

Mar 30, 2013, 07:52 IST | Kranti Vibhute

Of 1,150 private, public and municipal schools in city affiliated to various boards, many may miss the March 31 deadline for submitting their details to be re-acknowledged

Deadlines, like good habits, are difficult to stick to. And over 200 schools in the city seem ready to illustrate that by skipping the March 31 deadline to submit necessary details to state government to get a fresh recognition. Out of the 1,148 schools in all the three zones within the metropolis affiliated to SSC, ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE, IB and BMC and Central government, over 200 are yet to apply for re-recognition.

It will be three years since the Right to Education (RTE) Act was implemented on April 1, 2010, mandating that schools must apply for fresh recognition every three years.

The education department is still waiting to receive information from all the schools in the city so it can renew their recognition. 

The schools are required to submit details aligned to 10 basic parameters, like their infrastructure, whether they have separate toilets for boys and girls, playground for the school, clean drinking water for students and so on.

The state government also wants to know whether the schools are following the 25 per cent quota for economically backward students, one of the salient features of the RTE law.

The government has also asked schools that have been given its land to furnish such data. In South Mumbai, out of 36 schools, 12 are still to apply for re-recognition.

In the western zone, of the 612 schools, 162 are yet to apply, and in the north zone, out of 500 schools, 29 are yet to apply.

No rush, though
While the last day of this month is the last day for schools to submit the details sought along the stated factors, the education department may give a second chance and extend the date for application.

Nandan Nagre, joint director, Sarvashiksha Abhiyan said, “It is true that the schools were supposed to submit their details for fresh recognition by March 31.

But there are still some institutes that don’t know about the RTE rule. If a school cites this reason for not applying for re-recognition in time, and we find that it is genuine, then we may give them a fair chance to apply for fresh recognition.”

The number of schools in South Mumbai, which are yet to apply for re-recognition

Number of such schools in Western zone

Number of such schools in North zone  

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