RTO eyes 1 lakh vehicles with expired registrations

Sep 25, 2014, 05:42 IST | Anuj Ismail

After seizing several such vehicles recently, the RTO is now gearing up to take stricter action against citizens who fail to renew registrations for vehicles older than 15 years

As recently as Tuesday, the Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO) had seized 444 vehicles with expired registrations from across the city, and officials now estimate that there could possibly be over one lakh vehicles in the city, running without renewing their registrations.

Pune RTORTO officials say some people also use registration plates from unused older cars on new cars to avoid paying road tax. File Pic

These vehicles are all more than 15 years old, and include motorbikes registered before August 31, 1999, and cars registered prior to July 1, 1989.

According to regulations, when an automobile crosses 15 years post registration, the owners must take them to the RTO, to renew the registration after some mandatory checks are conducted on the vehicle.

In an effort to raise awareness about this, the RTO and the traffic police joined hands and conducted a surprise drive to seize few of such vehicles and send a message to citizens. However, with very few owners coming forward for the re-registration procedure, officials are now gearing up to take stricter action and catch those flouting regulations.

Vehicle fitness
According to Yogesh Bagh, the assistant regional transport officer, old vehicles often have greater negative impact on the environment, and it is necessary to check vehicles older than 15 years for the same reason. “The percentage of carbon monoxide is 3.5 per cent in older vehicles, compared to a new vehicle which emits less than 0.5 per cent, therefore the risk to the environment is greater. Besides, when the owner brings the vehicle to RTO, the RTO inspector can check its mechanical fitness as well,” he said.

Road tax evasion
While the RTO will continue to conduct drives to catch such vehicles on the road, and check their registration details, officials emphasise that citizens need to come forward of their own accord, even if they are no longer running those old vehicles anymore.

Bagh added that some people have been found to use registration plates from unused older cars on new cars, in order to avoid paying road tax while getting a fresh registration.

“It is also important to check the vehicle engine and chassis number, as in some cases owners use the old number plate on new vehicles, as they do not want to pay the road tax. This is why it is more important to check the vehicle thoroughly only then we can issue a new registration,” he said.

The process
“During inspection, we have to check whether the vehicle is fit to ply on the road, whether the blinker, head and tail lamps are in working condition. Once the inspection report is submitted, the new registration is issued by speed post within 15 days, while the details are also sent to the owner in a text message,” added Bagh.

Documents required

Original RCTC
Valid Insurance

Renewal charges
s 100 Application
Rs 400 New smart card

Environment tax
Rs 2,000 Two wheeler
Rs 3,000 Four wheeler, (Petrol)
Rs 3,500 Four wheeler (Diesel)

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