RTO gets tech savvy to provide better road safety

Aug 04, 2014, 00:55 IST | Anuj Ismail

Under the ‘Street Sense’ programme, the Regional Transport Office has asked private cab services to help install their GPRS cab-tracking system in motorcycles belonging to Pune’s biker group

Pune: In order to get better access to the roads, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) has decided to collaborate with private cab services for their GPRS tracking systems.

They have requested these cab services to install the same system in vehicles belonging to members of Pune’s bikers, so that the group can be used to keep track of the city’s streets and help citizens in case of incidents like road accidents, chain snatching or floods. Till date, more than 1,000 bikers have registered themselves under the ‘Street Sense’ programme of the RTO.

The transport authority has planned to start this initiative by the end of next month, and will leverage the technology to keep tab on the city’s traffic movement and road safety. “More than 700 private cabs of the city are using GPRS that allows their owners to track the movement of the vehicle. We have asked cab owners to provide us the same technology that we can use for the biker’s group,” informed Anil Valiv, deputy regional transport officer, who is heading the ‘Street Sense’ programme in the city.

“At times, like the upcoming Ganpati festival, when we have to manage large groups of people and reach out to people in case of medical emergency, using this technology, we will be able to achieve that faster. Similarly, in case of any accident, we can alert the biker closest to the spot, who can rescue people,” he added.

Valiv informed that they are also adding the cab drivers as members of the ‘Street Sense’ programme, so they can assist them in disaster management, and would also help spread the message of road safety to a larger audience.

Officials are also planning to install CCTV cameras on the motorcycles in the group, so that, in case of a chain-snatching incident, they can record the movement of the accused and help the police bring the culprits to justice faster.

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