RTO handing out permanent driving licence to almost every applicant

Aug 15, 2014, 01:36 IST | Anuj Ismail

In order to automate the driving test for permanent licence, indicators on the track have been covered with stone chips and an RTO inspector has been evaluating applicants

In the past three months, the Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO) has not failed any applicant who appeared for the permanent licence-driving test at their Alandi office, thanks to the upgradation work on the tracks.

Alandi RTO
Easy A: Drivers appearing for the driving licence test at Alandi RTO are currently being evaluated by an RTO inspector

To create an automated testing track, officials at the RTO have used stone chips to cover signs on the track which earlier indicated where the two-wheeler and four-wheeler drivers are supposed to drive with stone chips. Once the automated system is in place, drivers will be monitored with the help of CCTVs and computers, which will evaluate whether the driver is able to follow instructions or not.

However, the work is still not completed, and till that time, the 200-250 applicants who appear for the driving test every day are being evaluated by an RTO inspector.

Anil Patil, deputy regional transport officer, in charge of the Alandi RTO, said, “We are getting the tracks modernised and have started the work. The stone chips have been placed on the tracks and once monsoon season is over, we will make a tar pitch track with marks on the road till the automated system is put in place.”

When mid-day asked how many applicants have been passed based on the judgement of the inspector, he said, “On an average, around 250 applicants came for permanent licence test and almost everyone passed. Whether the track is painted or not does not make much of a difference; we have experienced RTO inspectors who can evaluate the applicant’s driving quite well.”

“We are currently waiting for clearance for a few aspects of the automated system and after that the entire process will be streamlined,” he added.

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