RTO joins the rung

Aug 19, 2012, 08:28 IST | Saurabh Katkurwar

The Regional Transport Office distributes pamphlets with safety guidelines for children travelling by school bus

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) seems to have found it difficult to rein in errant bus drivers and school bus owners, who don’t follow safety guidelines, leading to a spate of accidents involving school buses lately.

This has prompted the Deputy Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Vashi to educate schoolchildren about safety measures to be taken while travelling by school bus. They have made a pamphlet, which gives guidelines to be followed by school bus travellers.

Sandesh Chavan, assistant regional transport officer, RTO, said, “We want schoolchildren to follow some rules while travelling in school buses to ensure their safety. In addition to some common rules, we have asked schoolchildren to inform their principal if the bus driver or bus attendant talks on the mobile phone when the bus is in motion. If schoolchildren follow these rules it will help to bring down the number of accidents.”

Also, schoolchildren are supposed to inform their principal about anything suspicious they see on the bus. The children have been asked to maintain strict discipline on the bus. Failure to follow these rules will lead to the cancellation of their school bus passes. The RTO has asked all schools in its jurisdiction in Navi Mumbai to distribute copies of the guidelines among schoolchildren.

“We are trying our best to educate schoolchildren. But, we cannot meet over 2 lakh students studying in Navi Mumbai schools. So we have asked all schools in Navi Mumbai to distribute copies of the guidelines among their students and educate them. The schools too will have to check whether the guidelines are being followed by the school children or not,” added Chavan.

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