RTO to help register outstation vehicles

Aug 25, 2014, 06:08 IST | Anuj Ismail

In an attempt to ensure that more outstation vehicles are registered, the RTO will visit IT companies to walk employees through the process

In an attempt to reach out to IT professionals who make up a large part of the outstation population in the city, the Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO) will visit IT companies and help the employees to register their outstation vehicles.

RTO will send teams of three to IT companies to guide employees through the process of registering their outstation vehicles. File pic

Anil Valiv, deputy regional transport officer, said, “Pune being an IT hub, many outstation techies come to the city with their vehicles. As many as 3,843 outstation vehicles have been registered with Pune RTO in the last 30 months. However the actual number of outstation vehicles is much higher, therefore we have decided to coordinate with IT companies and educate the employees about the procedure of getting their vehicles registered under the Pune RTO.”

“As per the rule, owners of vehicles from other states have to pay road tax and get the vehicle registered with Pune RTO within 12 months from the vehicle’s date of arrival, failing which the vehicle can be seized,” Valiv said. He added however, that since most IT employees are off from work over the weekend, when the RTO is closed, they find it difficult to apply for registration or even to gather information about the process.

“As most of the employees have their day off over the weekend, we will conduct camps during the week. We have contacted various companies and asked them to provide us with a database of employees who have brought vehicles from other states.

Besides that we have also asked the companies to keep us updated about new staffers who bring outstation vehicles to ensure that the registration process is continuous,” Valiv said. The RTO will launch the initiative from next month, sending three-member teams that will include a clerk, cashier and an RTO inspector. The teams will visit companies to educate and guide IT professionals through the procedure of registering their vehicles under the Pune RTO.

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