Run Emraan, run

Jul 08, 2012, 08:50 IST | Subhash K Jha

In Rush, Emraan Hashmi has shot scenes where his character, a journalist, has to run through Mumbai's crowded streets to save his life

Reliable sources tell us that Emraan Hashmi’s next film Rush, is undergoing some major reshoots. Scenes of Emraan running through the busy streets of Mumbai are being added to the schedule.

 After a string of blockbusters, the actor seems keen to maintain a high standard. The scenes, which were earlier being shot with body doubles, are now being shot with the Emraan himself, in which his character is running frantically for his life.

A still from the film Rush, starring Emraan Hashmi

Producer Shailendra Singh confirms, “We have shot some terrific footage of Emraan running through the streets. This was done on location with hundreds of fans stopping short in their tracks and being caught unawares as their favourite star ran ahead of them.” Singh reveals that Rush has a major chunk of storytelling devoted to the hero being on the run. “I can’t reveal too much, but Emraan plays a journalist who exposes the powers-that-be, thereby exposing his life to huge risks. Initially we thought we could cheat with the running scenes, but finally Emraan decided to do the scenes himself. We managed to get some amazing candid shots of the character’s wild run to save his life.”

Curiously, Shailendra Singh believes that films with the hero on the run work at the box office. “I do believe that. Look at Paan Singh Tomar.

I am not saying Emraan plays a runner. But he has to do a lot of running. And it’s great that he’s doing it on his own instead of leaving the scene to a body double.”

Interestingly, Emraan’s character as an investigative journalist is based on Times Now’s editor-in-chief Arnab Gowami.

We also hear that the film’s main plot is inspired by Suresh Kalmadi’s Commonwealth Games scam.

“Arnab is a dear friend. Certain incidents have been taken from his repertoire of exposes. But the idea of the scribe running or perishing is originally ours. We believe heroes on the run are always hits. And luckily for us, Emraan agreed,” smiles Singh.

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