Rush hour games: Gaming survival kit to spice up those boring commutes

Aug 23, 2015, 10:01 IST | Andre Rodrigues

Meet the characters who will keep you company through your morning commute and spice up all those boring parts of your day

Whether you’re stuck in traffic, on the Virar Fast or on a desert island in the middle of shark-infested waters, things can get very dull, very fast. From quick play action and puzzle games to long engrossing adventures to embark on, here is your gaming survival kit for your smartphone that will spice up all those boring parts of your day.

Marvel Contest of Champions
iOS, Android
Free (in app purchases)
Watched the Marvel box office smashes? Then role-play as your favourite Marvel heroes in Contest of Champions. An interesting one-on-one fighting game featuring the Avengers, Spiderman, and new heroes like the recently released Antman.


iOS; Rs 650
A beautiful singer, Red, loses her voice and wakes up in a cyberpunk futuristic world armed with a big sword. It’s a simple action game where you move from area to area defeating enemies, unlocking new powers and getting to the
bottom of Red’s mysterious tale.

Asphalt 8
iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Free (in app purchases)
No list is complete without Asphalt 8. A racing game that’s a gift that keeps on giving. While the game is almost two years old, it’s regularly updated with new graphics and fresh content, tracks and cars. With amazing controls and fast and furious racing madness, Asphalt 8 should earn a permanent spot in your phone’s memory.

Crossy Road
iOS, Android
Free (in app purchase for Psy)
Take the chicken-crossing-the-road question to a whole new level with Crossy Road. A fun, zany and unique game as you navigate your fowl friend through traffic to save it from going splat. Also, if you love Gangnam Style, you can pay a small amount to play as the viral superstar Psy, complete with his signature funky Korean sound effects.  

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions
iOS, Android
Rs 315
Tune those reflexes for some good old Arcade action in the excellent Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. A trippy, colourful shooter that lets you blast polygonal objects across 3D polygonal levels. Take down massive geometric bosses in this intense, fun, edge-of-the-seat game.

Monument Valley
iOS, Android, Windows phone
Rs 260
Step into a surreal Escher-like painting where you guide a little princess through colourful mind-bending optical illusion levels. Yes, it’s paid, but it’s certainly worth every rupee. Not to mention it’s mesmerising in a way that’s very Zen-like and relaxing.

Fallout Shelter
iOS, Android
A funny take on the end of the world. As leader of a under-ground bunker called a Vault, you need to keep your hardworking dwellers happy in the harsh realities of the wasteland. Funny character illustrations make the game come to life. You’ll keep checking on your Vault citizens, even during board meetings.

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