Russell Brand sought Becks' advice for 'bad back'

Aug 15, 2012, 07:46 IST | ANI

Russell Brand has revealed that he took David Beckham's advice to cure his sore back.

The comedian, who was rehearsing for his Olympic closing ceremony performance of The Beatles'' classic ''I Am the Walrus,'' asked the football star to suggest some drugs to help with his problem.

Russell Brand
Russell Brand

“It was a bit of a moment actually, doing the Olympics rehearsals down at the old Ford plant in Dagenham,” Contactmusic quoted Russell Brand as telling the Sun newspaper.

“It doesn''t seem like all that long ago I was knocking about down there looking for mischief,” he said. “I was speaking to David Beckham, who was there with his lovely wife Victoria, and I was asking him about pain relief for a bad back,” he explained.

However, Brand said that Beckham just suggested him a massage and nothing medicinal. “I''ve got this pain in my lower back and I asked him if he had one of those injections for the pain when he was playing,” Brand said. “He said all I needed was a massage, but he wasn''t exactly offering,” he added.

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