Russia calling for Paresh Rawal

Aug 06, 2012, 08:57 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Almost a year back when we had spoken to Paresh Rawal, the actor had told us that his Hindi play Kishan v/s Kanhaiyaa is something that will have an impact on anyone who sees it.

A year later, it looks like the play has managed to do just that! It has not only created a buzz here but has even travelled to the US and UK and is now all set to travel to Russia, the Middle East and Africa! “Its success lies in the fact that it has managed to speak to people of all age groups,” says the actor. Paresh spoke to CS about the play, its filmi adaptation and balancing stage and the big screen:

Paresh Rawal
Who: Paresh Rawal
What: Balancing theatre and films

Impact unlimited
We’ve received a terrific response wherever we’ve taken the play. It’s the third time we’ve taken the play to America and now we’re taking it to Russia. The best part is that people of all age groups have enjoyed the play. Whether it’s a 17-year-old or a 70-year-old, we’ve received the same kind of reactions from people. It’s the first time that a play has reached out to radically different age groups.

Say what’s on your mind
I guess there are things that get bottled up inside and you’re unable to say them. Here, there’s one person speaking on your behalf. Also, the manner in which everything is said is light and entertaining. So it’s hard-hitting stuff told in a comic manner, which makes it so interesting.

Filmi chakkar
This play, according to me, is apt to be adapted into a film as there are so many different locations here. We have tried to encapsulate everything in a play but it’s only in a film that you’ll be able to see the actual and real scale of the story. The drama will also be able to come out effectively.

All the world’s a stage
Theatre is an actor’s medium. It’s where I started from and it’s given me some amazing moments on stage. That’s not to say that films haven’t worked for me. I believe that if you have a great script and a good director, even a film’s journey can be extremely beautiful. Both mediums can be extremely satisfying, if those two conditions are fulfilled.  

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