Sabrosa Express - New quick and clean eatery in BKC

Mar 31, 2014, 08:23 IST | Kanika Sharma

Bandra Kurla Complex, the buzzing business district has a quick and smooth eatery opening shop called Sabrosa Express. We gloat over yummy flavours and clean food, all for a song

Office lunch doesn’t only mean food to us. It’s a source of joy and entertainment amidst deadlines. With that incessant backbreaking and number crunching since morning, it’s that one hour when flavours flood palates and the work pressure ceases to be. No wonder, Bandra Kurla Complex has innumerable options in the spacious commercial hub. Sabrosa Express is one such.

Situated in The Capital Building, the international franchise is easy to reach — located right behind the ICICI building.

The Grilled Veg Sandwich was copious in quantity and a meal in itself. Pics/Rane Ashish

Coming from the stable of GBC Mega Motels, the chain has several D’Bell cafés across the city. Thus, the tagline “international standards, local flavours” rung a bell. Walking into the swanky marbled space, the restaurant was located with a glassy façade giving a panoramic view of the highrises. Without much ado, we asked for a takeaway that contained: Kerala Chaas (`40), Nool Puttu with Kerala Curry (`70), Onion Rawa Dosa (`80) and Grilled Veg Sandwich (`75).

The Onion Rawa Dosa and the Kerala Chaas were right on the mark, in terms of taste

Packed off in 15 minutes, the eatery operates much like an Udupi, quick and sprightly. Our neatly stacked parcels came in along with a complementary soft drink can, as the bill amounted to `300 plus. After an hour’s journey in auto, train and lastly, on foot, we unravelled the aromatic items that survived the commute. The Onion Rawa Dosa was bang on flavours and had the punch to prod us into bites. So, were the chutneys. However, the sambar was sweet, watery with missing vegetables topped with a slick film of oil.

Nool Puttu with Kerala Curry is a combination to look forward to

The Grilled Veg Sandwich had unanimous thumbs up from colleagues for making un-favourite vegetables such as brinjal, munch-worthy. Kerala Chaas had a strong ginger flavour and was gulped down happily. The surprise was Nool Puttu with Kerala Curry. Also known as Idiyappam, these steamed rice noodles combine well with coconut-laced stew, typically. This Kerala Curry had black chickpeas and was salty. Nevertheless, considering how light it was on our
wallet, and exuded a clean and fresh vibe, we called this lunch hour — a Sabrosa (Spanish: delicious) affair.

AT Third floor, The Capital Building, Bandra Kurla Complex. CALL 65555988
Sabrosa Express didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals

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