Sach was life at 30

Oct 10, 2013, 15:30 IST | Team MiD DAY

Ten quotes from Tendulkar when he was 10 years younger in 2003

>> Getting married and having kids — nothing matches that

>> I don’t have anything on my mind other than my batting. Obviously, a few thoughts come to mind when you are fielding. Then, you just bounce them off to the captain

>> Somewhere inside me, yes, there is a child. If I get to know someone well then I am very mischievous

>> The last 14 years have flown past quickly. The journey has been excellent. I have really enjoyed every moment

>> My mind was blank when I went out to bat (vs Pak in World Cup). All I said to myself was that I am going to be positive

>> Viewership has become more enjoyable and helps the spectators to understand the intricacies better but the game has not got any easier

>> If you get into the final and don’t win it, it does not mean the rest of the performances go down the drain

>> Who says it is not real cricket when the ball starts turning? It is time we regarded home victories highly

>> I think it is important to treat cricket as a game and nothing more

>> As an individual, I don’t like to lose At all. The only people I have to lose to are my son and my daughter. When they box me, I have to fall down. Otherwise I don’t like losing against anyone in any sport  

All quotes appeared in MiD DAY except the last — courtesy India Today

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