Sajid Khan helped Sonakshi master the moonwalk for her item song

Mar 15, 2013, 08:49 IST | Kunal M Shah

It's not just Michael Jackson who's done the famous moonwalk on the stage

Countless dancers after him too perfected the moves. And it was none other than director Sajid Khan who taught Sonakshi Sinha how to moonwalk in his upcoming film Himmatwala.

Sajid Khan help Sonakshi Sinha to do moonwalk

An informer says, “Sona is sizzling in the disco track Thank God it’s Friday, where she does the moonwalk. The actress grooves to the steps of the famous ’80s international pop icons like Michael Jackson and Madonna. Sajid himself got on the dance floor to teach her the iconic steps.”

A source states, “Actually Sajid himself is a great dancer and during his college days he performed the moonwalk in several dance competitions. He decided to show Sonakshi how to perfect the moonwalk steps when she was doing it a bit differently. It looks perfect now.” 

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