'Saleena claimed her second husband was her brother'

Jul 14, 2012, 06:18 IST | Shiva Devnath and Vinay Dalvi

This is what Parvez Tak has reportedly said during interrogation; he's believed to have snapped on discovering Asif Shaikh's true relationship with the family

Parvez Tak, the alleged killer of Laila Khan and her family, has claimed before Crime Branch that he was always told by Saleena — the actress’ mother — that her first husband had died, and Asif — in reality her second husband — was her brother. When he learnt that Saleena’s first husband was indeed alive and her second husband Asif had been handed all the authority and properties, Parvez — the third of Saleena’s spouses — got infuriated and finally killed six members of the family.

Laila Khan's Farm house, Parvez Tak
Deception point: An enraged Parvez Tak (inset) killed six members of the family at the farm house in Igatpuri when he learnt that Saleena’s first husband was alive and her second husband had been handed all the authority and properties

“When Parvez shifted to Mumbai and saw Asif visiting the house regularly, he questioned Laila and her sister Zara about it. They told him that Asif was their mother’s second husband,” said an officer from Crime Branch. “Later, Parvez also gathered that Nadir Patel, Saleena’s first husband and Laila’s biological father, was also alive and that Saleena had lied to him,” said the officer.

Jealous rage
Sources say Parvez also learnt about Saleena handing all her properties over to Asif for caretaking, and that the family was planning to move to Dubai as per the wishes of Laila’s husband Sonu. As Parvez did not have a passport, nobody spoke to him about this. Parvez was livid and he hatched a plan to kill Saleena. But afterwards, he had to kill the other family members to hide his crime.

While interrogating Parvez, cops found injury marks on his hand and chest. He later confessed that he was injured during his scuffle with the victims.

According to the police, Parvez said that when he hit Saleena with a rod, the other family members attacked him and he was hurt in the process. Police sources said that the person hired by the accused to drive him in a Scorpio car from Igatpuri to Jammu, has also given a statement that Parvez had his hand wrapped in a piece of cloth when they had first met in February.

Looking for No 2
For further investigations, a team from Crime Branch has left for Jammu and Kashmir. The sleuths will also inquire about another accused Sharikh Hussain, who had allegedly aided Parvez in carrying out the killings. Hussain worked as a watchman at the bungalow. He had come in touch with Parvez two years ago while searching for a job in the city. Parvez had then made him meet Saleena, who hired him.

Parvez and Sharikh allegedly massacred the family in February and then buried the bodies within the premises of the farmhouse.

Crime Branch officials recovered six decomposed corpses from the estate on Tuesday.

Cops have collected DNA samples of Nadir Patel, and Nigar Khan, sister of Saleena, to ascertain whether the bodies are indeed of Laila and the others. The testing will be done at the forensic laboratory at Kalina. 

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