Salman does not mean any harm: Sonakshi Sinha

Jan 06, 2013, 07:38 IST | HitList Team

Sonakshi Sinha on Salman Khan's penchant for making fun of his heroines

After doing two films with Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha has become immune to the star’s penchant for pulling his co-stars’ legs. Sallu has a peculiar habit of making fun of his actresses and embarrassing them.

But Sona has learnt to take it in her stride. Rather than feeling uncomfortable she has a good laugh about it.

Sonakshi says, “I have known Salman since I was 18. He does it all in good humour. He does not mean any harm. So you might as well laugh along. After working in two films with him, I am now well aware of how he will react. He loves to take things lightly. Even on the sets he is a riot.”

So whether Sallu takes a dig at Katrina Kaif’s lack of Hindi vocabulary or Sona’s eagerness to teach him how to dance, the Khan knows he can get away with it. 

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