Salman Khan issues code red

Jul 26, 2013, 08:26 IST | Jigar Shah

In a bid to stop information about his private life being leaked out

With the charges against him in the hit and run case getting more serious, looks like Salman Khan has some testing times ahead. And with conversations at home and work revolving around the subject, the actor apparently is getting extremely jittery about any kind of information being leaked out about him.

Salman Khan

While in the recent past all kind of buzz has been doing the rounds about the actor’s personal and romantic life, those close to Salman feel it could be the job of an insider. And as one of the first steps to reestablish a shroud of secrecy around the star’s everyday life, Salman is apparently handing out new phone numbers to his staff.

An insider says, “Salman bhai was extremely miffed when news about his alleged lady love Luliya Vantur leaked out. Information was even dished out about her new address. Recently, after some photographs from a party at his pad found their way out, Salman summoned his staff and gave them an earful.”

And now with the hit and run case against him gaining speed, Salman apparently wants to take no chances. “Salman is on his guard. He has given strict instructions to his staff this time that he doesn’t want a repeat of what has happened.”

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