'Salman Khan needs to realise, with great celeb power comes great responsibility'

Jul 01, 2016, 08:50 IST | Hemal Ashar

MSCW chairperson Vijaya Rahatkar, who is planning to take legal action against the actor for his “rape” remark, told mid-day he must appear before the panel after Eid

After actor Salman Khan’s “unapologetic” reply over his controversial “raped woman” remark didn’t go down well with Maharashtra State Women’s Commission (MSCW), the panel’s chairperson Vijaya Rahatkar told mid-day, they are is gearing up for a legal battle. This is after the actor skipped his appearance date before the MSCW in Bandra (E) on June 29. Here are the excerpts from the interview...

Salman Khan and Vijaya Rahatkar, MSCW chief
Salman Khan and Vijaya Rahatkar, MSCW chief

Q. When did you first ask Salman Khan to appear in the MSCW office?
A. We sent the actor a legal notice about his, “I feel like a raped woman” remark on June 22, asking him or his advocate to appear before the Commission on June 29. None of them did.

Q. There is a parallel inquiry going on at the National Commission for Women (NCW) in Delhi. When the NSW has taken up the matter, why should the MSCW also do so?
A. We have received Salman’s acknowledgement of our notice, through the firm, DSK Legal. In the notice, Salman said the panel needs to withdraw the notice to avoid duplicity and what they call ‘double jeopardy’. Actually the principle of double jeopardy does not apply here as it means when an accused is in danger of being punished twice. Besides, we (the State Commission) are not a lesser body. We have concurrent powers as the national body. Nobody is more or less and after all, Salman is a Mumbai resident.

Q. When have you asked Salman to appear in the office again?
A. On July 7 or 8, the day after whenever Eid will be, he has to be at the office alone or along with his advocate. Just his advocate will not do.

Q. What do you want Salman to say before the MSCW on July 7 or 8?
A. He needs to give a statement about the remark he made, and maybe, say that he did not mean it or say it deliberately. But, he needs to say that. This actor, a public figure, has lakhs of followers and we fear that these kinds of statements, which are demeaning, can influence the thinking of his young fans. With the status of being a celebrity, comes great responsibility too, Salman needs to realise that.

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