Salute the dabbawala

Oct 19, 2013, 10:45 IST | Soma Das

With the film The Lunchbox, gaining critical and commercial acclaim, it's time to shift the spotlight back to the humble dabbawala, famed for their accuracy and punctuality. From home decor to apparel, The GUIDE gives you a fun and quirky spread that celebrates this lovable and iconic city figure

Dabbawala kids’ wear

Forty Red Bangles offers Dabbawala Kurta-Pyjama sets for kids. It is a unisex style, made of pure organic cotton and printed with eco-friendly dyes. These are part of their Aamchi Mumbai collection. This range is available for kids from one to seven years old.
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Watering can or flower pot?
Apart from food for thought, the dabbawalas will also provide water to your plants, thanks to this unique dabbawala-themed watering can. It has a protective coating to keep the finish intact. It can also double up as a flower pot or a home decor object.

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cost R1,999

Let the music play with the Dabba CD rack
The dabba has many uses apart from transporting your lunch. Now, you can also store CDs in these wonder boxes! Head to Tappu Ki Dukaan for these innovative dabbawala CD racks, which can stack up to 50 CDs.

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cost R800

A place of honour on your fridge
Celebrate the accuracy and the dedication of the dabbawala who ensures you are never far from home food with this Dabba Wallah Fridge Magnet by Chumbak.

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cost R150

Move with the dabba
Playclan offers a range of products dedicated to the dabbawalas. Available under the Bajula Ho range (Marathi: ‘move aside’), it includes
T-shirts (R1,295), aprons (R995), journals (R265) and tote bags (R995).

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Don’t forget your medicines
Just like the dabba takes care of your hunger pangs, the Medisun Box will ensure you take your medicine on time.

at Roti Kapda Makaan, Raghuvanshi Mills, Lower Parel.
cost R220

Dabbawala as a souvenir?
Surat-based online company offers a pictorial tribute to the dabbawalas by featuring them on a box; it can serve a storage tin or as a souvenir box.

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