Samarth Hospital will no longer be harassed, assures PMC health chief

Sep 26, 2014, 04:44 IST | Manasi Kulkarni

After allegations that a vengeful PMC had stopped sending its vehicle to collect medical waste from the hospital, Dr S T Pardeshi said he would ensure that the vehicle is sent daily

A day after mid-day highlighted the medical waste crisis at Samarth Hospital — which was allegedly being harassed by the Pune Municipal Corporation — the civic body’s health department chief, Dr S T Pardeshi gave assurances that he would look into the matter and ensure the vehicle began daily service at the hospital again.

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When mid-day reported the issue, the hospital had already accumulated three days’ worth of medical waste. File pic

mid-day had reported (We are being harassed, September 25), that the hospital administration had been struggling to dispose its medical waste for over a fortnight, after the PMC allegedly stopped sending the waste collection van in revenge.

mid-day’s report
mid-day’s report on September 25

According to the hospital chief, Dr Suhas Kalshetty, it had all begun when the hospital revealed that it had admitted as many as 20 dengue cases in one day, indicating that the dengue threat was bigger than the PMC was willing to admit. After a few political activists protested outside the PMC health department, the civic body suddenly stopped sending its waste collection van to the hospital, alleged Dr Kalshetty.

When the PMC simultaneously began to issue warnings and told the hospital administration to dispose the waste, some staffers attempted to dump it in the city’s outskirts, where they were then caught by another PMC team, and were fined. When mid-day reported the issue, the hospital had already accumulated another three days’ worth of waste.

Dr Pardeshi told mid-day, “It is a serious matter that the hospital was not receiving the vehicle for the transportation of medical waste. Bio-medical waste is directly connected with the health of citizens. We will look into the matter, and soon the hospital will get the vehicle on a daily basis.”

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