Same same but different

Published: Oct 07, 2012, 10:50 IST | Himanshu Khatri |

The Tekken series marks its return to consoles with a follow-up to Tekken Tag Tournament and offers some fast-paced two-on-two tag team action in addition to the standard one-on-one brawls.

With nearly 50 fighters to choose from — giant panda bears, dinosaurs, wrestlers, kung fu experts and samurais — the roster runs deep and this game’s a Tekken lover’s dream come true. The visuals are spunky and colourful and Tekken has never looked so good. Beautifully detailed environments and a good background score go a long way in enhancing the appeal of the game.

Tekken has always been a technical brawler, where skill and timing take precedence over button mashing. It is no different this time around either — newcomers and casual players may find the difficulty levels rather punishing. It requires focus and dedication to master a single character’s moves, and most characters have more than 100 different moves, not to mention some complex combo sequences.

The game modes available are strictly bareboned. The all-too-familiar modes include Arcade, Time Attack, Survival and Online matches. Luckily, there’s a training mode called Fight Lab featuring a hilariously cheesy storyline while teaching you the combat basics which newcomers will appreciate. Plenty of unlockable costumes are made available to add a touch of customisation. Tag team combat is quite obviously the focus of the game, and it doesn’t disappoint. The double takedowns and team combos are tricky to execute but quite satisfying when successful.

Tekken delivers a solid fighting game, but it is quite clearly another iterative upgrade lacking any truly new features. Existing fans will welcome it no doubt, but there isn’t enough here to win new ones over, and it isn’t a significant step forward.

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