Sameera Reddy's five favourite ways to beat the heat...

Apr 23, 2012, 08:20 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

Actress tells us how she keeps cool in the summer time

Sipping on some cool nariyal paani while taking a break from promoting her latest film, Sameera tells us her five favourite ways to beat the heat...

Falooda: I simply love it. The sabja seeds in it have such a cooling effect. A falooda with lots of sabja seeds, jelly, dry fruits and ice cream is a treat in summers.

White pumpkin juice: Though it doesn’t seem very appealing, white pumpkin juice is very healthy. It cures cholesterol problems and helps in weight loss.
Coconut water: It is a perennial favourite. I can have five to six glasses of it on a hot day. It has a cooling effect on the stomach.

Nimbu paani: It is tasty and hydrates you pretty quickly. It is the perfect antidote to beat the body cramps you get due to dehydration during the summers.

Cold water showers: Thande thande paani se nahana chahiye... is my mantra for beating the heat. 

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