Sample culinary delights from Kerala at this Chembur restaurant

Jul 02, 2014, 08:00 IST | Nevin Thomas

Tucked away in Chembur is a little gem of a restaurant, Hotel Sunny that dishes out a mean Kappa Biryani as well as many other spicy and authentic delights from Kerala

While the rain clouds seem to have forgotten Mumbai, it should not stop you from making that trek to Chembur to dig into a few culinary treasures that will transport one to the lush, rain-splashed paddy fields of Kerala. A Kappa Biryani (a seasonal delicacy made from tapioca and beef) and Sulaimani (black tea with a tinge of lemon) were the two indulgences that were on our mind. Nestled in the busy Shell Colony Road of Chembur is Hotel Sunny, a little slice of heaven for authentic Malayali food.

Hotel Sunny
Hotel Sunny

Kappa, Fish Curry and Beef Fry. Pics/Nevin Thomas

Sunny started in 1985 as a lunch home for migrant South Indians but has slowly evolved into a sought-after eating joint for food lovers across the city. As Jacob Varghese, owner of the restaurant says, “Today, we have people from different parts of India who drop by, and not just Malayalis. We also have a lot of college students from nearby colleges like Somaiya, IIPS (International Institute for Population Sciences) and TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) coming in.”

Malabar special Chicken Biryani

The restaurant is famous for its Malayali delicacies, though they serve Chinese and Mughlai as well. “We have chefs who have been trained to cook food for specific tastes. But a majority of our customers prefer only our Malayali fare,” shares Varghese. The highlights of the menu are the Kerala Porotta (Rs 25), Beef Fry (Rs 150), Appams (Rs 25), Kappa, Fish Thalis (Rs 250) and delicacies such as Surmai Fish Moilee (Rs 280), Chicken Biryani (Rs 150), and Mutton Liver Fry ('Rs 230). For those who like it hot, sample the Crab Masala (Rs 500) and the Prawns Masala Fry (Rs 300) that is lip-smacking when accompanied with a bowl of steaming hot boiled rice.

Fish is procured every morning from Crawford Market to ensure the quality and freshness of the food.

Not surprisingly, the options in the menu for a vegetarian are less but the Vegetable Stew (Rs 100) or the Vegetarian Thali with Avial and Payasam (Rs 180) makes an equally impressive meal. At any given time, the place is abuzz with hungry patrons as the whiff of these heady aromas fills the tiny eatery.

At: No 43, Shell Colony Road, (the road that connects Chembur and Tilak Nagar station), Chembur (E). Tuesdays closed.
Call: 25223549/25225616

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