Sanjay Suri acting pricey for 'Tumhari Paakhi'?

Jun 09, 2014, 13:35 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Sanjay Suri apparently demanded one lakh per episode for a cameo in a TV show

Actor-producer Sanjay Suri was recently approached for a role in the television show, Tumhari Paakhi. Sources maintain that he quoted an exorbitant amount as his fee for a cameo per episode. Taken aback, the makers opted for another actor instead. Suri was to shoot for the show in Singapore.

Sanjay Suri
Sanjay Suri

Says a source, “Sanjay demanded a lakh as fee per episode. He was slated to feature in about 20 to 22 episodes, 15 of which were to be shot in Singapore. When the makers approached him, initially he told them to wait. Later on, when contacted, he demanded over a lakh.”

The telly producers felt it was too much considering that it was just a cameo. “Finally, Indraneel Sengupta was signed for the role,” says the source.

Sanjay says, “Money would be discussed if I was open to doing the show. I was approached by my agent, but never said yes to any show so don’t know anything about this bit.”

Producers Sumit and Shashi Mittal who are currently shooting in Singapore remained unavailable for comment. The show features Iqbal Khan and Shraddha Arya in the lead roles.

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