Saudi restaurant slaps fine on customers for not finishing food on plate

Aug 02, 2012, 12:56 IST | Agencies

A Saudi Arabian restaurant has been fining its customers for leaving food on their plates


The restaurant in Dammam, in the country’s Eastern Province, imposed the ‘wastage fee’ after customers ordered excessive amounts of food and failed to empty their plates.
According to the restaurant’s owners, wasting food is against Islam that associates waste with the devil and goes against social norms that call upon people to think and behave responsibly.

waste food
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With the new move being initiated by the restaurant, online users took to social sites to give their opinion.
“Restaurant owners do not have the right to hold to account customers on how much they leave on their plate,” the Gulf News quoted a user, as writing.
While some users claimed that the restaurant was seeking publicity with its new tactic, others suggested that the customers take the excess food with them to avoid the fine.
Several users, however, endorsed the restaurant’s pro-food idea.
“People should be made aware of the consequences of wasting food. In fact, those who empty their plates should be offered a voucher for a free meal in the restaurant,” a user wrote. 

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